MATCH : Bret Hart & Owen Hart v The Steiner Brothers


VENUE : Florence, South Carolina

DATE : January 11th 1994

BACKGROUND : In the build up before this match Owen and Bret Hart had been on tender ground due to a small falling out at the recent Survivor Series Pay-Per-View. So to show unity to the family they decided to tag together for a few matches. A match between two face teams in the WWF was quite rare in 1994 and a tag match between two legitimate sets of brothers is even more rare in professional wrestling.

MATCH REVIEW : In my opinion this is the best tag team match of all time. The offence between the two teams were executed perfectly and the match showcases a mixture of great psychology, technical skill, aerial maneuvers and power moves including a perfect screwdriver from Scott Steiner. The match is enhanced by the live crowd who cheer for both teams showing full support for there favourites. One thing that makes this such a great tag team match is the shifts in momentum being so brilliantly timed. Another major positive to this match is the commentary from Stan Lane and Gorilla Monsoon, an art that has unfortunately been lost in recent years! The only negative to say about the match was the lack of a teased rematch which could have been even better than this if it had a proper finish.

After this match the Steiners would soon leave the WWF after they were majorly underused, Bret would go on to win his 2nd World Title and Owen would get his big break by feuding with his brother Bret in one of the best feuds in WWF history.

This match can also be seen on the WWE's Hart Anthology DVD.