MATCH : 123 Kid/Razor Ramon v Diesel/Shawn Michaels


EVENT : Action Zone

VENUE : White Plains, New York

DATE : 28th September 1994


BACKGROUND : In the WWF in the mid 90's there was a group of wrestlers who were seemingly pulling a lot of strings backstage and throwing weight around in backstage politics. The group became known as 'The Kliq' and this match is a rare showing of all the four main members competing. Razor Ramon and 123 Kid had been teaming together as friends since Ramon's face turn whilst Shawn Michaels and his bodyguard Diesel had also been teaming for a short time. Meanwhile, Ramon and Michaels had been feuding over the Intercontinental Title was a good set up. This was only the second episode of Action Zone and we had a good Hart family match on the first episode so could these four men keep that trend going?

MATCH REVIEW : In 1994 there were two tag team matches that sneak under the radar and are very much forgotten about - the first is a 5* match between The Steiner Brothers and The Hart Brothers, the other is this match! This was a very action packed match that gave all four wrestlers a time to shine in the ring. 123 Kid aka Sean Waltman was very underrated in 1994 and had some terrific matches throughout the year, Razor in my opinion was in the prime of his career whilst Shawn and Diesel were on their rise to the top of the company. This match provided great build towards an elimination match at Survivor Series but was also one of the best tag team matches of the 1990's in my personal opinion.