MATCH : Adrian Adonis v Bob Backlund


EVENT : MSG Live Event

VENUE : Madison Square Gardens, New York

DATE : 18th January 1982


BACKGROUND : Bob Backlund was now in his fourth consecutive year as WWF World Champion having taken on many challenges from the best talent all over the World. On this occasion he would be up against the unorthodox Adrian Adonis in the best arena in the country Madison Square Garden. Adonis had only just recently joined the WWF and this would be his first real feud in the company. Having previously wrestled in the AWA as a tag team with Jesse Ventura called the East-West Connection, WWF brought both guys in together. So could Adonis be the one to knock Backlund off the top??

MATCH REVIEW : Adonis was a great opponent for Backlund (or any reigning World champ) because he was a great bumper and was one of the best sellers of his generation. The majority of the match revolved around Adonis trying to get the upper hand on the champ but failing at each attempt. The ending worked to the extent that it built up for a rematch that everyone wanted to see but failed in the respect that the rematch was never televised and only for the benefit of the live audience which is a shame. A great match between to legendary 80's wrestlers that turned into a bloody brawl to end. Majorly recommended!