MATCH : HHH v Kurt Angle v Rikishi v The Rock v Steve Austin v The Undertaker


EVENT : Armageddon 2000

VENUE : Birmingham, Alabama

DATE : 10th December 2000


STIPULATION : 6 Man Hell in a Cell Match


BACKGROUND : This would be the first multi man Hell in a Cell match in the WWF/E featuring six of the biggest stars in the industry at this time. The match was set up by Commissioner Mick Foley and featured WWF World Champion Kurt Angle, The Rock, Steve Austin, Triple H, The Undertaker and Rikishi. With all those big names involved there is no doubt this would have a big match feel to it but would the concept of six men in a cell work?



MATCH REVIEW : Although I wouldn't call this an absolute classic in terms of Hell in a Cell matches, I would say this match is often forgotten about and is highly entertaining. The fact you have the top 5 guys from the WWF Attitude Era along with Rikishi in one ring is pretty cool and Rikishi has a pretty good bump off the top of the cell which is a nice visual. It's interesting to look back at a time where the WWF/E had 6 credible challengers for the World Title and any one of them could have walked out this match as champion. A very entertaining match that you can watch on the WWE Network for just £9.99.