MATCH : Shawn Michaels v The Undertaker


EVENT : Badd Blood:In Your House

VENUE : St. Louis, Missouri

DATE : 05/10/1997

STIPULATION : Hell in a Cell Match

Background : The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels had been feuding for the last few months since Michaels cost Undertaker the WWF Title in a match with Bret Hart at Summerslam. Michaels had been given the job to officiate that match and after accidentally hitting Taker with a chair shot he pinned his shoulders to the mat to declare Bret Hart the new champion. The Undertaker got his chance at revenge a month later at Ground Zero:In Your House but due to outside interference that match was fought to a no-contest. It was then decided that these two men would face each other again at Bad Blood:In Your House in a match never been seen before. This would be the first ever Hell in a Cell Match and the winner would get the oppurtunity to face Bret Hart at Survivor Series. Meanwhile, The Undertaker's former manager, Paul Bearer had returned and was claiming to know the whereabouts of The Undertaker's brother Kane.

MATCH REVIEW : This is an absolute classic match that in my opinion holds a lot of history. First of all it was the very first Hell in a Cell match which is a a genius idea, secondly it was the first appearance of Undertaker's brother Kane and lastly it was also the final time that Vince McMahon would be lead announcer on a WWF/E Pay-Per-View. The Hell in a Cell works for me more than a steel cage match where the object is to escape from your opponent. This match had a great storyline going into the match but also a great storyline to follow it with the start of a Kane/Undertaker feud. The timing throughout the match was spot on and is probably the best ever Undertaker match even to this day. This match really did everything you may ever want from a wrestling bout including an awesome blade job from Shawn Michaels, a surprise finish, some great bumps and thirty minutes of intense action. Following on from this match Hell in a Cell has now become one of the most anticipated matches of the year and even now has it's own PPV.