MATCH : Bob Backlund v Hulk Hogan


EVENT : Philadelphia Live Event

VENUE : Philadelphia Spectrum, Pennsylvania

DATE : 12th April 1980



BACKGROUND : This match took place four years before the big boom of Hulkamania and the rise of good guy Hulk Hogan. At this time frame the biggest face in Pro Wrestling is clean cut WWF World Champion Bob Backlund and his opponent is the heel persona Hogan managed by Freddie Blassie. Hogan was building momentum with his great physique and unique look but could he hang with Backlund who had held the World Title for a staggering two years up to this point? 

MATCH REVIEW : For Hogan to win this match (even by count-out) was a big deal and gave him a huge rub. Obviously, most people recognise the Hulkamania Hogan or even the NWO Hogan but his heel days along with Classy Freddie Blassie is where he learnt his trade and matches like this against amazing wrestlers like Bob Backlund proved that he could go some in the ring! This is a great but slow paced match that manages to keep the crowd entertained for almost half hour. A great start to a terrific decade for the Hulkster.