MATCH : Bob Backlund v Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka


EVENT : MSG Live Event

VENUE : Madison Square Gardens, New York

DATE : 28th June 1982


STIPULATION : Steel Cage Match

BACKGROUND : Back in 1982 Bob Backlund had been WWF World Champion for over four years and was in the midst of one of the greatest title reigns in wrestling history. His newest challenger was the animal from the Fiji Islands in Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka. At this point in his career Snuka is a mean heel managed by Captain Lou Albano known for his vicious headbutts and his high flying style. So could Backlund not only defend his Title but survive this cage match?

MATCH REVIEW : This was a great match with Backlund's title looking to be slipping away from him. Snuka hits his splash from the top of the cage which is an amazing sight, most people remember when he did it against Don Muraco in 1983 but in fact this was the original time he would perform this from the cage. The reason this is often forgotten is because Snuka was a heel and really shouldn't have been applauded for his efforts but it was for this reason that he was eventually turned face. Snuka was a great opponent for Backlund and this match was very lively for its time.