MATCH : Bob Backlund v Pat Patterson



VENUE : Madison Square Gardens, New York

DATE : 24th September 1979


BACKGROUND : Back in the 1970's a cage match was a big deal and a great way to end a long running feud. The WWF Champion at the time Bob Backlund had held the title for a long time but was up against the first ever Intercontinental Champion and this was looking like Backlund's hardest challenge to date. The Madison Square Gardens was the unofficial home of the WWF and the crowds that flocked there were usually red hot with excitement so what better setting for a match between two of the biggest legends American Wrestling has to offer?

MATCH REVIEW : This is an exciting back and forth match that really keeps you at the edge of your seat. Patterson goes all out to become the first ever WWF World & Intercontinental Champion but in the end fails in his task. Although Backlund won this match, Patterson gets himself over as a brutal force to be reckoned with! This is one of the most entertaining matches from this era that I have ever seen well worth the watch!!