MATCH : Bob Backlund v Sgt Slaughter


EVENT : Philadelphia Spectrum Event

VENUE : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

DATE : 21st March 1981




BACKGROUND : Bob Backlund had now been WWF World Champion for over three years and was beating all challengers in all types of matches. His latest challenge was that of Sgt Slaughter managed by the evil Grand Wizard. Slaughter had quickly rose to the number one contender spot on the back of his cobra clutch challenges that left most wrestlers on the floor in agony. The best way to settle this feud was of course a cage match, so would the Sarge break Backlund's winning run?

MATCH REVIEW : This is a great match and an underrated feud of the 1980's between two legends of the industry. Slaughter was perfect foil for Backlund and made him look great in this bloody brawl of a match. The crowd reaction throughout the match was also fantastic and they popped loud when there hero finally got the win. Backlund was the man in the early 80's having great feuds with Pat Patterson and a heel Hulk Hogan also. Slaughter would eventually win the belt but would have to wait for another ten years for the honour!