MATCH : Bob Orton v Tito Santana


EVENT : The Brawl To End It All

VENUE : Madison Square Garden, New York

DATE : 23rd July 1984

CHAMPIONSHIP : WWF Intercontinental Title


BACKGROUND : The Brawl to End It All was a live MTV special that was very important in building up towards the very first Wrestlemania. On the undercard of the show was a match between Intercontinental champion Tito Santana and 'Cowboy' Bob Orton. Both these men are really in the prime of their career in 1984. So could Tito keep hold of his coveted title or would 'Ace' Orton use his cunning to win the belt?...

MATCH REVIEW : Time limit draws are a thing of the past but I always loved the idea. It gives both men an out not to lose but also provides us with a good 20 minute match. The Intercontinental Title provided the WWF fans with some great matches over the course of the 80's and it was mainly down to the great talent that held the belt like Santana, Valentine, Savage and Steamboat. This match was the best match on the Brawl To End It All card (another trait of the IC Title) with a heavily invested red hot crowd roaring Santana throughout. Both men would also play big parts in the success of Wrestlemania 1 in around 6 months time.