MATCH : Don Muraco v Rocky Johnson


EVENT : Maryland Event

VENUE : Capital Centre, Maryland

DATE : 28th May 1983

CHAMPIONSHIP : WWF Intercontinental Title

BACKGROUND : Don Muraco was in his second spell as Intercontinental Champion having regained the title back from Pedro Morales at the beginning of 1983. Coming out of his infamous bloody feud with 'Superfly' Jimmy Snuka, Muraco would go on to feud with veteran Rocky Johnson. Johnson was fairly new to the WWF at this time having spent most of his career in the NWA and Memphis area. Muraco was one of the most despised heels in the wrestling world at this point with his disrespectful manner and cocky attitude, could this older veteran put the 'Beach Bum' back in his place?

MATCH REVIEW : Don Muraco was one of the underrated talents of the WWF in the 1980s and the year 1983 kind of proves that as his feuds with Morales, Snuka, Johnson and Tony Atlas were all fantastic. His heelish actions like chewing gum to the ring were great and never failed to get the crowd against him! This match was a terrific example of an older veteran trying to teach the cocky heel a bit of respect but somehow being foiled. Muraco would go on to lose the Intercontinental strap to Tito Santana but in my opinion Muraco is one of the greatest IC champs of all time. Johnson would go on to have one last run with Tony Atlas with the Tag Tram Titles before winding down and training his son 'The Rock'. Great match, well worth the watch!