MATCH : Chris Benoit v The Rock


EVENT : Fully Loaded 2000

VENUE : Dallas, Texas

DATE : 23rd July 2000


BACKGROUND : The Rock was in the middle of his fifth WWF World Title reign having won the belt a month prior in a 6 man tag match against the McMahon-Helmsley regime. To get his revenge Shane McMahon has hired Chris Benoit to to defeat the Rock. Benoit had only been in the WWF for six months but was quickly becoming an asset for the company following great matches with Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Jericho. As a reward for his hard work they slotted him into the main event of this PPV.

MATCH REVIEW : A great match that was spoiled ever so slightly by the dusty finish at the end. Other than the finish the match done an absolute brilliant job of elevating Benoit into the main event scene as a major player whilst also cementing The Rock as the must beat champion who can conquer all that is thrown at him. Benoit would go on to have some great matches in the WWF/WWE and eventually lift the World Title but you can look back at his first PPV main event as a huge success.