MATCH : Greg Valentine v Tito Santana


EVENT : Baltimore Live Event

VENUE : Baltimore, Maryland

DATE : 6th July 1985

CHAMPIONSHIP : WWF Intercontinental Title



BACKGROUND : Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine came in to the WWF at the beginning of 1984 and soon began targeting Tito Santana's Intercontinental Title. Valentine and Santana faced off up and down the country until 'The Hammer' managed to win the belt in September of that year. This didn't end the feud though, instead it just ignited it! The feud would last another year with both men having single matches all over the country as well as tag matches where Santana would team with Junkyard Dog or Ricky Steamboat and Valentine would team with his future Dream Team partner Brutus Beefcake. In the 80's the best way to settle a feud as long as this was to have a cage match and that is exactly what would happen here....

MATCH REVIEW : This was a wild and exciting cage match that highlighted the importance the Intercontinental Title in the 1980's. Both men gave there all to walk away with the strap and that was an exclamation mark on this terrific feud that lasted nearly 18 months and probably nearly 200 matches in total in many areas of the US and Canada. Both men are legends in this business and I regard them as two of the greatest IC champs of all time. On another note, this match really shows how a cage match should be booked!