MATCH : Team WCW v Team WWF


EVENT : Invasion 2001

VENUE : Cleveland, Ohio

DATE : 22nd July 2001

STIPULATION : 10 Man Tag Match

BACKGROUND : This match was built when Shane McMahon swept the rug away from underneath his father Vince by beating him to buying out rival company WCW. Eventually, it looked like wrestling fans were getting the WWF v WCW war they had been imagining for years! The WCW roster started interfering in matches on Raw causing friction and thus a WCW invasion started. The Invasion then got extreme when the notorious ECW joined forces with WCW. A Pay-Per-View was set up called Invasion which would stand to have WWF wrestlers facing off against wrestlers from the WCW/ECW including a ten man main event of Chris Jericho, Kane, Kurt Angle, Steve Austin and The Undertaker against Booker T, DDP, The Dudleys and Rhyno. So who would win the battle of the Feds???

MATCH REVIEW : Outside of the terrible booking idea of having Steve Austin turn heel and join WCW this was a good ten man tag match that throw a lot of guys together that hasn't competed against each other previously. All in all the booking of the invasion angle was pretty bad and this has been mentioned time and time again but this match was good up until the finish. The match featured some of the best talent of that era and was good to see the two sides battle out at last! Well worth the watch!!