MATCH : Diesel v Shawn Michael


EVENT : IYH : Good Friends, Better Enemies

VENUE : Omaha, Nebraska

DATE : 28th April 1996


STIPULATION : No Holds Barred


BACKGROUND : Good Friends, Better Enemies was the seventh In Your House Event from WWF. The main event saw WWF Champion Shawn Michaels take on his former buddy/bodyguard Diesel in a rematch from the Wrestlemania 11 main event a year prior. This would be Michael's' first defence of the title since he beat Bret Hart in an hour long Iron Man match at Wrestlemania 12. The match was set under No Holds Barred rules so could Big Daddy Cool carry on his road to destruction and end Shawn's title party after only a month or would HBK get the best of his clique buddy and retain the belt?

MATCH REVIEW :  This would be Kevin Nash's last match in the WWF as Diesel before defecting to WCW and it was a case of save the best till last as this was simply Nash at his best. The basic storyline was Diesel absolutely demolishing Michaels for most of the match but HBK manages to survive the onslaught and win the match to get him over as a fighting champion. This match really done wonders for both men as Shawn went on to have some great matches as a believable WWF champ and Nash went on to WCW as a star to begin the New World Order storyline which would become one of the highlights of the Monday Night Wars and the 90's.