MATCH : Mankind v Shawn Michaels


EVENT : In Your House : Mind Games

VENUE : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

DATE : 22nd September 1996


BACKGROUND : WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels defends his title against Mick Foley's WWF alter ego Mankind but not with any real build up behind it. WWF were in a slight slump at this time and their rivals, WCW, were taking full advantage of it by becoming the number one wrestling promotion in the US. In saying that WWF were slowly rejuvenating their product and with people like Bret Hart, Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels & Mankind on the roster they would eventually bounce back. Mankind had recently been involved in a lengthy feud with The Undertaker whilst Michaels had been feuding with Vader so could these men play a part in the finish of this match?

MATCH REVIEW : This is in my opinion the best match you will see Mick Foley in and that includes his scraps with Vader in WCW a few years previous. It is quite amusing how many wrestlers recognise their best match/feud to be "the one I had with Shawn Michaels". HBK is a master of his art and I still see him as the best wrestler to come out of the USA. I recommend this match as not only one of the best matches of the 90's but possibly the most under-rated due to the fact it wasn't on a major PPV so is easily forgotten. Matches like this one certainly helped WWF become the best promotion in America again and would eventually help in removing WCW from the wrestling world. So credit to Shawn Michaels for yet another great display in this match and credit also to Foley (as Mankind) who bumped like a star and played his character perfectly.