MATCH : Christian/Edge v The Hardy Boyz


EVENT : No Mercy 1999

VENUE : Gund Arena, Cleveland, Ohio

DATE : 17th October 1999

STIPULATION : Ladder Match

Background : This was the fifth of a best of 5 series of matches between Edge and Christian and The Hardy Boyz and with both teams at two wins each then a ladder match would be a good way to determine the winner. The team that does win the aptly named 'Terri Invitational' would gain the services of Terri Runnels as manager along with a cash prize of $100,000. The teams had been on each others heels in a feud for the last few months since The Hardyz had replaced Edge and Christian as Gangrel's gothic team-mates in the trio called The Brood. Both teams were quite new to the WWF but their young and energetic matches were gathering much attention around the wrestling world, could this match prove to be any different?

MATCH REVIEW : These four men revolutionised the wrestling industry in the late 1990's by competing in classic matches with each other including this ladder match. Before this point Shawn Michaels and Scott Hall had set the bar with their two ladder matches but only a couple more matches with the same stipulation had evoked interest. The Hardyz, Edge and Christian would change that with their high flying and risk taking style that would become a major staple in the WWF Attitude Era. Going on from this match all four men would receive a much deserved standing ovation the next night on Monday Night Raw. All four men would go on to become stars in the WWE and other companies over the years since this event but Matt hardy believes this match is what put his name on the map.