MATCH : Steve Austin v Triple H


EVENT : No Way Out 2001

VENUE : Las Vegas, Nevada

DATE : 25th February 2001

STIPULATION : Three Stages of Hell Match

BACKGROUND : This would be the first ever Three Stages of Hell match between which consisted of three different falls. The first match would be a normal wrestling match, the second fall was a street fight with the third being a steel cage match. The build up started over a year ago when Steve Austin was injured in a hit and run incident which put him out of action for over nine months (the legitimate reason for his layoff was neck surgery and rehab that would eventually retire him from in-ring work). Upon his return, Austin would learn that Rikishi was the man who ran him over but on behalf of Triple H. After disposing of Rikishi, Austin set his sights on the man who put him out of action for a long time. So could the rattlesnake get his much needed revenge and how would the three stages of hell match work out?

MATCH REVIEW : Steve Austin was always a great performer in the ring and that's why he was the eighth man to be included in the Roll of Honour list but to come back from a 9 month lay off and have a great match like this is phenomenal. In my opinion this was Triple H in his absolute prime and it was majorly disappointing to see him get seriously injured later in the year because he never returned to his best. This match is fantastic through each fall and both men put on a display that showcases pure intensity and hatred for one another. The three stages of hell worked incredibly on this occasion but hasn't been used to the same effect since which is unfortunate but a match with a stipulation such as this needs to be brutal and intense which this certainly was and that is perhaps why it worked to such a high level.