MATCH : Pat Patterson v Sgt Slaughter



VENUE : Madison Square Gardens, New York

DATE : 4th May 1981


BACKGROUND : In the early 1980's Sgt. Slaughter was in the midst of a great heel programme that would see him challenge some of the best faces in the WWF at the time. On TV every week Slaughter would issue an open challenge for anyone to break his Cobra Clutch submission hold and on one occasion Pat Patterson who was on commentary at the time would accept the challenge. When it looked like Patterson would break the hold, Slaughter released it and beat Patterson with a chair. The two men would have matches but they would end in double DQ's or count-outs so an Alley Match was made with all rules scrapped and the loser being the man who could no longer continue. So who would survive this Alley Fight?...

MATCH REVIEW : This feud had exactly what you want from any feud in pro wrestling - a good set up, good build, a good few matches and a brutal battle to settle the score. Patterson played the New York baby face to perfection and Slaughter was always better as heel! This was a great way to end the feud as it was a barbaric battle and very entertaining. This was also pretty much the end to Patterson's in ring career and his last meaningful feud in the business so it was good to see him involved in such a great match. Both men are so heavily respected in this business, especially in the WWF where both became officials for a long time.