MATCH : Randy Savage v Ricky Steamboat


EVENT : Toronto Live Event

VENUE : Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto

DATE : 26th July 1986

CHAMPIONSHIP : WWF Intercontinental Title

BACKGROUND : Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat had both arrived in the WWF at a similar time and were both given a good mid-card push from the start. Savage had been having some entertaining battles against Tito Santana whom he defeated for the Intercontinental Title whilst Steamboat had been having some eye catching matches with another newcomer Jake Roberts. Steamboat would be placed in a feud for the Intercontinental title so could he be successful and defeat the champion Randy Savage?...

MATCH REVIEW : This was the beginning of one of the greatest feuds of the 1980's between two men that were major talents in the ring. When most people hear the names Savage and Steamboat they think about the classic match at Wrestlemania 3 but many forget they had some incredible matches before that one. This match is a lot more brutal with Savage taking some bumps over the top rope and having his face badly lacerated. These two would continue to wrestle all over the country before the feud really heated up when Savage injured Steamboat's throat with a ring bell. Steamboat would return from injury in 1987 and defeat Savage in an incredible match at Wrestlemania. A good feud with great matches!