MATCH : Alundra Blayze v Bull Nakano



VENUE : Poughkeepsie, New York

DATE : 3rd April 1995


BACKGROUND : This match took place the night after Wrestlemania 11 and was for the WWF Women's Title. Nakano won the championship from Blayze back in November and this would be her first televised title defence. Unfortunately, the WWF had a very poor female division in the mid 90's and never gave them much television time. These two ladies had over the years and throughout the world had some great matches together so how would this match stand up?

MATCH REVIEW : To be fair in the mid 90's these two were putting on matches that were just as good or better than their male counterparts. It was a real shame that Vince and the WWF didn't get behind women's wrestling until the emergence of Lita and Trish Stratus at the end of the decade! This match was one of and possibly the best match on Raw that year which is credit to these two ladies who, even though they weren't allowed much stab time, were trying their hardest to improve the view of Women's wrestling in America.