MATCH : Royal Rumble Match


EVENT : Royal Rumble 1989

VENUE : The Summit, Houston, Texas

DATE : 15th January 1989

BACKGROUND : Way back when I was 6 years old my Granny showed me my first wrestling video and that video was a brand new Royal Rumble 1989 VHS with The Ultimate Warrior on the front cover. The match that got me hooked onto wrestling was the actual Royal Rumble match with all the colourful characters! The match itself was the first Royal Rumble to have 30 men and it would contain all the biggest names in the WWF at that time.

MATCH REVIEW : As I have said before, the best Royal Rumbles are the ones that do one of two things 1) set up matches for the upcoming Wrestlemania or 2) tell a good story throughout. This Rumble started the cracks of the Macho Man's heel turn which would culminate in him taking on Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 5. Also, Jake Roberts eliminating Andre with his pet snake led to there match at WM5. This was a great Rumble to me and always has a place in my heart because it was the first PPV I ever watched! Some moments really stick out for example Ax and Smash of Demolition drawing the first two numbers and having to beat on each other, Jake's Andre elimination, Hogan and Savage's face off, Ted Dibiase buying the number 30 but still losing to the legendary Big John Studd. All very fun and still a classic to me!