MATCH : Orient Express v The Rockers


EVENT : Royal Rumble 1991

VENUE : Miami Arena, Miami, Florida

DATE : 19th January 1991

BACKGROUND : At this point the WWF had a whole host of great tag teams on the roster with the likes of Legion of Doom, Demolition, Hart Foundation and The Nasty Boys. One of the top tag teams of the WWF at this time was The Rockers (Marty Jannetty & Shawn Michaels) and they would be against Mr Fuji's newest team The Orient Express (Kato & Tanaka). Under the mask of Kato is actually American Simon Diamond who was in a tag team with Pat Tanaka in the AWA called Bad Company and they feuded with The Midnight Rockers as they were then known on many occasions. So which of these teams would move up the tag team rankings?

MATCH REVIEW : This is nothing short of a fantastic opening match and one of the best tag team matches of the early 90s. Regular readers will know how much I love tag team wrestling and how much I miss the teams of the 80s/90s. This match showcases how great tag team wrestling can be with some very innovative moves by both teams, the match just felt so fresh! The Orient Express tag team didn't last much longer in WWF and The Rockers would have a great final year as a tag team before there split at the beginning of 1992.