MATCH : Bret Hart v Diesel


EVENT : Royal Rumble 1995

VENUE : Sun Dome, Tampa, Florida

DATE : 22nd January 1995


BACKGROUND : Bret Hart had been WWF World champion for some time heading into Survivor Series '94 against Bob Backlund but due to interference from his own brother, Owen, Bret unfairly lost the title. Just three days later though Diesel defeated Backlund in a match that lasted just 30 seconds to begin his first reign as champion. Due to Diesel's fave turn he gave Bret a chance to regain his title at Royal Rumble. As an added bonus the winner of this match would go on to defend the title against whoever wins the Royal Rumble match at Wrestlemania. So would it be 'The Hitman' or 'Big Daddy Cool'?

MATCH REVIEW : So the answer would be - neither man! It's not often that you will get a double disqualification finish inducted into the hall of fame but this was a very good match. Bret Hart played his part perfectly having to break down the giant Diesel by attacking his knees and keeping him on the deck. The psychology of the match (as is normal with Hart matches) was spot on and was probably what made this one of WWE's match of the year. If it wasn't for the phoney finish then this match probably would rate even higher! The match led to Diesel v Shawn Michaels for the title and Bret v Bob Backlund in a submission match at Wrestlemania 11.