MATCH : Mankind v The Rock


EVENT : Royal Rumble 1999

VENUE : Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, California

DATE : 24th January 1999


BACKGROUND : When the WWF World Title became vacant the company held a tournament at Survivor Series 1998 to crown a new champion. Thanks to a lot of interference from Vince McMahon and his corporate stooges Mankind was able to make the finals of the tournament against fan favourite The Rock but in a shocking twist The Rock turned on the fans and joined allies with McMahon to become the new corporate champion. This subsequently screwed Mankind and thus a feud between the two begun. At the start of 1999 on an episode of Raw is War, Mankind managed to defeat The Rock for the WWF title in what turned out to be one of the best Raw moments in history. This match at Royal Rumble would be The Rock's title rematch but this one would be an 'I Quit' match!

MATCH REVIEW : This is a crazy match that was probably as hardcore as you get up to this point in WWF. The chair shots that Mick Foley takes from The Rock are brutal and probably caused some lasting damage to Foley's health but that aside the match is a gem and a must watch. Mankind and Rock would go on to have several great matches but I think this was there best match in a long feud. Eventually The Rock winning would set up for an amazing Rock v Austin rivalry heading into Wrestlemania. Overall, a fantastic match that has some excellent spots and terrific character based work.