MATCH : Cactus Jack v Triple H


EVENT : Royal Rumble 2000

VENUE : Madison Square Garden, New York

DATE : 23rd January 2000


STIPULATION : Street Fight

BACKGROUND : The WWF had been under the control of the McMahon-Helmsley regime of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon and they had spent a lot of time humilaiting the roster, none more so than Mick Foley. After months of placing Foley in handicap matches and humiliating him they eventually fired him. On an episode of Raw, The Rock managed to persuade every wrestler on the roster to go on strike until Mick Foley was reinstated. With their hands tied they had to back down to The Rock's request but Foley had a request of his own - A Street Fight at the Royal Rumble! The match was made but Foley decided to bring back his alter-ego Cactus Jack to do his bidding for him. So could the eccentric Cactus Jack defeat Triple H for the World Title and get revenge for months of hurt?

MATCH REVIEW : This was nothing short of an insane battle! These two men had some great wars with each other but this match ranks up there as the best. The match has the backstory that both men will risk everything to win this match and neither man will let up. A very violent match especially compared to todays standards but an amazing brawl with lots of nice spots. JR sums it up at the end of the match when he says 'Never have I seen anything like this in 25 years of wrestling'. The fans in attendance were right behind Foley from the start and the fact that Foley had a great connection with MSG and New York made the match even more special. One of Foley's greatest encounters in my opinion....