MATCH : Kurt Angle v Triple H


EVENT : Royal Rumble 2001

VENUE : New Orleans, Louisiana

DATE : 21st January 2001


BACKGROUND : Kurt Angle had won the WWE Title by defeating The Rock three months prior to the Royal Rumble. Triple H had been heavily involved in feuds with both Kurt Angle and Steve Austin in recent months. During an episode of Monday Night Raw Angle was defending the championship against Austin when Triple H interfered costing Austin the chance to win the belt. Vince McMahon then announced that long time rival Austin wouldn't get a rematch unless he won the 30 man Royal Rumble match whilst Triple H would face Angle for the WWE belt at the same PPV.


MATCH REVIEW : This match started too slowly for my likening but halfway through the pace picked up and the crowd started to invest in it. It's never easy to pull off a heel vs heel match and you were always convinced Austin would make an appearance somehow. In saying that, the match was between two of the best wrestlers WWE had at this time and are two future hall of famers for sure so the match was always gonna be great! Some good leg psychology at the start until the storyline kicked in and after that was just great action. Underrated match!