MATCH : Royal Rumble Match


EVENT : Royal Rumble 1990

VENUE : Orlando Arena, Orlando, Florida

DATE : 21st January 1990

BACKGROUND : The 1980's had ended and the WWF was looking to move into a different direction going into the 90's. At the top of the card though was the reliable Hulk Hogan who had been the World champion since his Wrestlemania victory nine months prior against Randy Savage. Hogan was the man who represented wrestling in the 80's the most so could one of the new guard take over from his mantle and carry the federation into the new decade?

MATCH REVIEW : The Royal Rumble was used here to allow rivalries to start or boil over to the point that you can't wait to see them face off at Wrestlemania - to me that's fantastic concept! The Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior face-off is one of those moments where you just don't know what's going to happen and that set up the Wrestlemania 6 main event perfectly. The match also set up Dusty Rhodes v Randy Savage, Bad News Brown v Roddy Piper, Colossal Connection v Demolition and Jake Roberts v Ted Dibiase - so that's six matches/feuds either started or fuelled from just one match. The Rumble in general is very entertaining and one of the earliest matches I can remember as a kid. If I had to change something though, it would be that the Warrior should have won this and not Hogan in my opinion. He should have got the rub before main eventing Wrestlemania.