MATCH : Royal Rumble Match


EVENT : Royal Rumble 2001

VENUE : New Orleans, Louisiana

DATE : 21st January 2001

BACKGROUND : It's 2001 and the WWF is coming towards the end of the 'Attitude Era'. The Royal Rumble match is set and the winner is due to face whoever is WWF World Champion going into Wrestlemania 17. As usual with the Royal Rumble there are favourites to win and this year is no different! Rikishi has the number 30 after winning the privilege, Steve Austin is recently back from neck surgery and is hungry to win the Title back, The Rock was the winner of last year's Rumble and the brothers of destruction Kane and The Undertaker are supposedly going to be working together.

MATCH REVIEW : This was a very fun rumble which had loads of great little spots like The Hardy brothers going after each other to begin with, Drew Carey entering the Rumble and getting attacked by Kane, Also Kane's record breaking 11 eliminations and the return of old favourites including Haku who at the time was WCW Hardcore champion. The favourites to win the match all came in at spread out times and the match never seemed to drag which some Rumbles can. The winner was the correct choice and made Austin the only person to win the Royal Rumble on three separate occasions. A good match that led to Austin v Rock at Wrestlemania 17.