MATCH : Bruno Sammartino v Larry Zbyzsko


EVENT : Showdown at the Shea

VENUE : Shea Stadium, New York

DATE : 9th August 1980


BACKGROUND : Sometimes the simplest background storylines can provide the best feuds. The Bruno Sammartino - Larry Zbyzsko feud was simple booking but one of the greatest feuds of all time. Zbyzsko started his wrestling career in WWF as Sammartino's protege and carved out a satisfactory mid card level over the next few years. Zbyzsko eventually became increasingly frustrated with being unable to shake off the 'Sammartino protege' tag and decided the only way to do it was to challenge him to a match. The Mentor vs Pupil match started off friendly but when Sammartino got the upper hand, Zbyzsko attacked him with a chair to leave him in a pool of his own blood. This act turned Larry Zbyzsko into the most hated heels of all time 

This is a fantastic match between two of the biggest legends this industry ever produced in a feud that is one of the greatest of all time. The match has great psychology, great selling from Sammartino and brawling intensity you would only expect from a rivalry this bitter! Unfortunately the match does have a very anti-climatic finish by today's standards and the stipulation of the only way to win the match is by leaving the cage makes it suffer too. Still, a very good match that's well worth the watch!and led both men to feud for most of 1980 having matches all over the USA including this cage match!