MATCH : Randy Savage v Ultimate Warrior


EVENT : Summerslam 1992

VENUE : Wembley Stadium, London, UK

DATE : 29th August 1992


BACKGROUND : The Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage were in the midst of renewing their feud from just over a year ago. At that point Warrior was able to retire Savage from wrestling by defeating him at Wrestlemania 7 but now Savage had been reinstated and had managed to win the WWF World Title in the meantime. The other side note of the match was that Ric Flair and Mr Perfect were claiming to be on the side of one of these men but we're not going to reveal who until the match begins. This would also be the first time a PPV from the WWF would be live from the UK, so who would walk out of Wembley Stadium the WWF World Champion?

MATCH REVIEW : Firstly, the background story of what corner Mr Perfect and Ric Flair were going to be in prior to the match was just silly and kind of took away from the actual match. Other than that and the goofy ending this match was good! Warrior and Savage just seemed to sync in the ring and they seem to get the best out of each other. The crowd was pretty split on who they wanted to win and the reaction to that was great. I will always be a bit jealous of people who were able to attend this event as an 8 year old boy at the time it would have been special for me. A great match that showcased two of the biggest superheroes the WWF/E has ever had!