MATCH : Bret Hart v Davey Boy Smith


EVENT : Summerslam 1992

VENUE : Wembley Stadium, London, United Kingdom

DATE : 29th August 1992

CHAMPIONSHIP : WWF Intercontinental Title

BACKGROUND : This match was the main event of the one and only major PPV to be held in my native United Kingdom. 'British Bulldog' Davey Boy Smith was the obvious crowd favourite with the home support but the excellence of execution Bret Hart was on the rise in the WWF having held the Intercontinental Title for most of the last 12 months. The added backdrop to this match was the fact that these men were brothers-in-law as Bulldog was married to Bret's sister Helen. So which of these dear friends would come out on top and could Helen Hart-Smith even watch as her husband and brother go toe-to-toe?...

MATCH REVIEW : As a child I remember being envious of all the kids my age who were in the Wembley crowd able to watch this match. 22 years on and now I know people who were there and I am still jealous! I love this match and it is still one of my favourite matches of all time. Everything from the family storyline to the UK fans cheering on Bulldog makes this very special. It's interesting that Bret has recently stated that Bulldog went into the match not in the right shape to wrestle so he had to carry him all the way through it. If this is correct then Hart deserves extra credit! A great match which made the Intercontinental Title so important, unfortunately the belt doesn't have the same prestige these days.