MATCH : Bret Hart v Owen Hart


EVENT : Summerslam 1994

VENUE : United Center, Chicago, Illinois

DATE : 29/08/1994


STIPULATION : Steel Cage Match

Background : Leading up to this match Bret and Owen had wrestled in an absolute classic encounter at Wrestlemania X which was won by Owen but Bret went on that night to defeat Yokozuna for the WWF World Title. Owen wanted a title shot and was considered number one contender after his win at Wrestlemania and his recent King of the Ring victory. This feud had now become one of the greatest in WWF/WWE history and was it was starting to stretch out through the whole Hart family with them all due to be seated at ringside for this match. Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart was solely behind Owen but the rest of the family were starting to despise the youngest Hart brother. With the whole family at ringside, the WWF President decided to hold this match in a steel cage to keep out any interference.

MATCH REVIEW : This is for me the greatest steel cage match in the history of professional wrestling. With crisp action all the way through, it felt like the brothers had practised this match every day for months. Every minute of this match was extremely compelling and had a 'can't blink just in case I miss anything' feel to it which leaves you at the edge of your seat. Both Bret and Owen had amazing endurance throughout this marathon match that not only showcased there great technical skills but also the hard brawling style that is fitting of a steel cage match. I wouldn't put this on par with the Wrestlemania X match but it sure as hell ain't far off that level as I still give this match a 5* rating. The end of this match would temporarily spell the end of the Hart Brother feud for a while but it would simmer through for another few years especially on the house shows.