MATCH : Dudley Boys v Edge & Christian v Hardy Boyz


EVENT : Summerslam 2000

VENUE : Raleigh, North Carolina

DATE : 27th August 2000



BACKGROUND : This was a rematch from Wrestlemania 2000 where all three teams were involved in a triangle ladder match. Mick Foley gave this match a Tables, Ladder and Chairs (TLC) stipulation which would be it's first ever outing in the WWF/E. The feud between the three teams was arguably the best tag team feud the WWF/E has ever had and it was really intensified heading into Summerslam as all six men would usually end up brawling on episodes of RAW and Smackdown. So with the Dudley Boys masters of the tables, The Hardyz masters of the ladders and Edge & Christian masters of the chairs, who would win the first ever TLC match and lift the Tag Titles?

MATCH REVIEW : Although I don't believe this match to be better than the triangle ladder match at Wrestlemania 2000, I do recognise this match as a great spotfest full of crazy bumps. These three teams always put on a great show every time they came across each other. This match definitely stands the test of time and is a great match to start off the TLC trend! These three teams would compete again in TLC2 at Wrestlemania 17 which is possibly even better again!! Three of the best tag teams in wrestling history and they have made a legacy from these kinds of matches that will live with people for a long time.