MATCH : Bret Hart v Shawn Michaels


EVENT : Survivor Series 1992

VENUE : Richmond Colieum, Ohio

DATE : 25th November 1992


Bret Hart was beginning his first reign as WWF champion having beaten Ric Flair a few months prior to this event. Shawn Michaels was still in his first year as a single wrestler having split from Rockers tag team partner Marty Janetty at the start of 1992. This was a new look main event scene for the WWF who had traditionally favoured big men like Hogan and Ultimate Warrior to battle for the top belt. Both Hart and Michaels were making waves as young singles wrestlers though and were having some great matches which were catching eyes. It has been said that this match wasn't meant to actually take place with Hart due to defend his World Title against Jake Roberts and Michaels due to defend his Intercontinental Title against Davey Boy Smith but both men left the company prior to the event for unfortunate reasons.

This was the first PPV singles match between these two men who would eventually go on to have probably the biggest feud in American wrestling history. I wouldn't say this was the best match between Hart & Michaels but considering both men were still young and finding their feet in the upper end of the card this was a great way to end a very uneventful PPV. The only negative I would say is that the first ten minutes is slower paced than it probably should be but it's matches like these that help you realise why both of these men are the greatest individuals to perform in a WWF ring.