MATCH : Team IRS v Team Razor Ramon


EVENT : Survivor Series 1993

VENUE : Boston Garden, Boston, Massachusetts

DATE : 24th November 1993

STIPULATION : 8 Man Elimination Tag Match

BACKGROUND : This was a traditional 8 man Survivor Series elimination match featuring Intercontinental champion Razor Ramon and his team of 123 Kid, Marty Jannetty and Randy Savage taking on I.R.S. and his team of Rick Martel, Diesel and Adam Bomb. The match had various feuds going into it with Ramon, Jannetty, Martel and Diesel all recently involved in the Intercontinental title scene and Savage was put in as a replacement for the injured Mr Perfect who was injured at the hands of Diesel. The build up to the match though seen disagreements between IRS's team so could they operate as a team for enough time to defeat their rivals?

MATCH REVIEW : This a great high tempo opening match featuring some of the best talent WWF had in 1993. The survivors at the end came as a bit of a surprise also which worked well. This was really a whole load of fun with some interesting eliminations and a great set of entertaining characters. This is exactly what I would call a good traditional Survivor Series elimination match!