MATCH : Team Demolition v Team Powers of Pain


EVENT : Survivor Series 1988

VENUE : Richfield Coliseum, Ohio

DATE : 24th November 1988

STIPULATION : 10 Team Tag Match

BACKGROUND : This match was on the back of the successful 10 team match at Survivor Series 87 which pitted the 5 best face teams against the 5 best heel teams. Just like that match this would be crammed with great tag teams such as Powers of Pain, The Rockers, Hart Foundation, British Bulldogs and Young Stallions for the face team. The heel team was led by WWF Tag Team champs Demolition and featured The Brainbusters, Bolsheviks, Rougeau Brothers and The Conquistadors. 10 great teams so could they one up last years successful match?

MATCH REVIEW : Although it wasn't as successful as the previous years this was one hell of a tag match! When you have such talent in the ring then sometimes it is hard not for this match to get over I suppose. When talking about tag team wrestling you probably have 6/7 of the best teams from the 80's in this match and the fans reacted well to that. The other main point in regards to this match is it was the first time I had ever seen a double turn happen in a match with Powers of Pain becoming heels alongside Mr Fuji which gave Demolition a huge face rub! A great match with a great ending so if your a fan of tag team wrestling or 80's WWF then it is a must see!