MATCH : Bret Hart v Steve Austin


EVENT : Survivor Series 1996

VENUE : MSG, New York

DATE : 17th November 1996

BACKGROUND : Following Shawn Michael's defeat of Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 12 for the WWF World Title, Hart would take a period of leave from wrestling for around 6 months. Throughout the Spring and Summer of 1996 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin's star was growing including his impressive display and promo at the King of the Ring PPV. Austin would constantly berate Hart on TV and eventually the match was arranged with the winner getting a shot at the WWF World Champion at the next PPV. The Austin 3:16 era was beginning to take shape so could a massive win against the legendary 'Hitman' be on the cards for the rattlesnake?

MATCH REVIEW : Although he lost, this was kind of a breakout match for Austin as it became clear that not only was he great on the mic but that he could hang with ring generals like Bret Hart and help build a fantastic match. This really was a great match and both men had terrific chemistry together which, as I have mentioned previously, really helps a match from being good to great! After this match Hart & Austin would continue to feud leading up to their classic submission match at Wrestlemania 13. A special mention goes to Jim Ross who I thought called the action perfectly and helped in getting Austin over in the early stages of the 'Stone Cold' character.