MATCH : Jake Roberts v Ricky Steamboat


EVENT : The Big Event

VENUE : Exhibition Stadium, Toronto, Canada

DATE : 28th August 1986

STIPULATION : Snake Pit Match

BACKGROUND : Jake 'the snake' Roberts had only been in the WWF for a few months when he viciously attacked Ricky 'the dragon' Steamboat on Saturday Night's Main Event. Roberts gave Steamboat a fierce looking DDT on the concrete before their match could commence and then draped Damien the snake all over him as an embarrassing insult. The whole attack was tremendously done and set up for the return match incredibly. The Big Event was never shown on TV but was a Coliseum Video release although the crowd attendance for the event was around 70,000 which I believe is still a record capacity for a Canadian wrestling event. The match is labelled as a Snake Pit match which is basically a No DQ match.

MATCH REVIEW : This is possibly the best match these two men had with one another. The crowd were electric throughout this match but they also gave a lot of love to heel Jake Roberts which was likely the reason his first run as a heel didn't last long in the WWF. This was the best match on the card that night but it could have been even better had the ending not seemed sort of rushed. Still, this was a tremendous match between two men who can really drive psychology out of a match!