MATCH : Bret Hart v Shawn Michaels


EVENT : Wrestlemania 12

VENUE : Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, California

DATE : 31st March 1996


STIPULATION : Iron Man Match

BACKGROUND : The big attraction for Wrestlemania 12 was the fact that two of their biggest draws over the last few years would go one on one for the WWF World Title in the very first Iron Match in the companies history. Champion Bret Hart and challenger Shawn Michaels were the companies two biggest faces but the two didn't see eye to eye so after Michaels won the Royal Rumble for the chance to face the Champ at 'Mania 12 the match was set. Michaels had suffered many set backs over the years including having to forfeit the Intercontinental Title and losing in the main event at the previous years Wrestlemania to his former partner Diesel so could he this year pull off a win and live his boyhood dream of becoming WWF champion?

MATCH REVIEW : It isn't easy to keep a match that lasts over an hour entertaining throughout but in my opinion these men did just that in this very epic encounter. Iron man matches aren't always popular due to the fact that they can dip in and out during the match but I feel this match was better for being an iron man match. Both these men despised each other at this time but neither could be faulted in effort in trying to make the other look brilliant. I love this match because it shows how two men who don't like each other can still respect each other enough to put on a display that makes the fans happy. I grew up with these two men and from all the great matches they had against one another, this is my favourite!