MATCH : Bret Hart v Steve Austin


EVENT : Wrestlemania 13

VENUE : Rosemont Horizon, Illinois

DATE : 23rd March 1997

STIPULATION : No DQ Submission Match

BACKGROUND : Stone Cold Steve Austin's rise in the WWF was really beginning to gain steam in 1997 and this match had been on the cards for almost a year. When Austin had won the King of the Ring competition he promised to go through the entire roster defeating everyone in his path including Bret Hart. Hart eventually agreed to face Austin at the Survivor Series PPV and managed to beat him in a good match but the rivalry didn't end there. Austin's star would rise more when he took advantage of a refereeing error to cheat his way to victory in the Royal Rumble which stoked the fire between the two even more. The hatred between them reached its peak when Austin would cost Hart his WWF Title in a match against Psycho Sid which led to this match at Wrestlemania 13. To add to the spectacle the match would be a No DQ Submission match with UFC fighter Ken Shamrock making his debut in the WWF as special guest referee. So which man could make the other quit by submission?

Unfortunately the match can not be viewed online but it is well worth seeking on DVD if you have yet to see it.....

MATCH REVIEW : This is an absolutely outstanding match that really helped in making Steve Austin the star that he would become in the late 90's. What became of Austin after this match? Well he would go on to become the biggest merchandise seller and one of the biggest stars wrestling has ever seen in the business. This was really a one of a kind match with the real twist of Bret Hart getting cheered into the ring and heavily booed once the match was finished with the complete opposite happening to Austin in an incredible double face/heel turn. It is this type of ring psychology and storytelling that makes a match so incredibly worthy of a hall of fame place. The sight at the end of Austin trapped in the Sharpshooter covered in blood refusing to quit till he eventually passes out is iconic and also one of my favourite moments in WWF history.