MATCH : The Rock v Steve Austin


EVENT : Wrestlemania 17

VENUE : Houston, Texas

DATE : 1st April, 2001



BACKGROUND : This was the second of three occasions that these two legends would face off at 'The Grandest Stage of them All'. Steve Austin would challenge The Rock for the WWF World Title when he won the 2001 Royal Rumble earning him the right to main event Wrestlemania. Austin had only recently returned from injury and had stated his desire to be top of the mountain once again. The Rock had only recently won the title from Kurt Angle and his intention was to not only keep the belt around his waist but to seek revenge for the Wrestlemania loss two years prior. So which of these two huge stars would have the most hunger to walk away champion?

MATCH REVIEW : Everything about this match is incredible from the hot Texas crowd, the epic brawl, the huge surprise turn at the end and the psychology behind it. Although, in hindsight the Austin heel turn didn't work and was handled badly, there was sense behind it. Austin had been out injured for a while and had lost a step or two thus he would do anything (including joining forces with his arch nemesis Vince McMahon) to help him win the coveted WWF Title. A great main event between two great legends that never stopped for a minute from bell to bell. The Rock showed so much heart by kicking out of everything that was thrown at him whilst Austin was so convincing as a desperate man fighting for his life. Wonderful storytelling at its finest!