MATCH : The Dudley Boys v Edge & Christian v The Hardy Boyz


EVENT : Wrestlemania 2000

VENUE : Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, California

DATE : 2nd April 2000

CHAMPIONSHIP : WWF World Tag Team Titles

STIPULATION : Triangle Ladder Match

BACKGROUND : For the first time in WWF history a triple threat tag team ladder match was to take place at Wrestlemania 2000. The three contenders would be The Dudley Boys, Edge & Christian and The Hardy Boyz. The Dudleys would walk into the match as WWF World Tag Team champions having won the titles from New Age Outlaws earlier in the year making them the 100th holders of the straps since they were first introduced in 1971. The WWF tag team division was very good at this time and these three teams would be at the front of it by pulling off some great matches on PPV and on TV with each other. By adding the ladder stipulation we were pretty much guaranteed some great spots so could these three young teams make this a memorable Wrestlemania moment that will last the test of time??

MATCH REVIEW : This match would end up being the unofficial first TLC match and was easily the scariest match WWF had put on up to that point. This match was majorly all spots and stunts but they were all done fantastically! Coming out of the match all six men were regarded in a much greater way than they were before they entered the ring and all would eventually be recognised as more than just mid-carders in the company. This kind of dangerous match was sometimes slated but it really is a great spectacle every so often! Six talented men pulling off a wonderful match that has easily become on of the best matches in Wrestlemania history and was the best match on a very uneventful Wrestlemania 2000.