MATCH : Hulk Hogan v Ultimate Warrior


EVENT : Wrestlemania 6

VENUE : Toronto Skydome, Toronto

DATE : 1st April 1990

CHAMPIONSHIP : WWF World Title & WWF Intercontinental Title 


BACKGROUND : For the past six years or so Hulkamania had run wild over the WWF and Hulk Hogan had pretty much sat at the top of the card as the biggest drawing face of the company. The WWF needed to build a new big star heading into the 90's and Ultimate Warrior was that man. Warrior had been around for a couple of years but in that time had ran through most opponents and currently was the Intercontinental Champion. Warrior's enthusiasm and charisma had won the fans over and this match was built to be the first ever fan favourite vs. fan favourite main event in Wrestlemania history. The added factor would be the winner of this match will be the first ever World Champion to also hold the IC Title! The build was terrific as both men would barely lay a finger on the other heading into the match.

MATCH REVIEW : I don't think many people thought this match would as good as it turned out to be. The build was terrific and the ending was seen as a fantastic passing of the torch moment (although it never really turned out as such). As was previously stated, Hogan had been the most dominant face of the company for the last six years and this result was his only clean loss in that time. So as you can imagine that was seen as a massive deal and a great way to build the Ultimate Warrior. This match was never going to be a technical masterpiece but between the build up, the hot crowd atmosphere and the fact both men gave it their all this is one of the best main events in Wrestlemania history!