MATCH : Randy Savage v Ultimate Warrior


EVENT : Wrestlemania 7

VENUE : LA Sports Arena, LA, California

DATE : 24th March 1991

STIPULATION : Career vs. Career Match

This match was posted as a tribute to The Ultimate Warrior who passed away on 8th April 2014. The Warrior was one of the most charismatic and colourful wrestlers of all time and one of the reasons that I fell in love with wrestling in the first place. The first tape I ever watched was Royal Rumble 1989 where he took on 'Ravishing' Rick Rude in the Ultimate Posedown. Warrior will be greatly missed but fondly remembered. RIP

BACKGROUND : This feud started when Ultimate Warrior was still WWF World Champion. Randy Savage and his manager, Sensational Sherri, would constantly try and convince Warrior to agree to a championship match but Warrior never believed he was a rightful contender and refused all his challenges. At the 1991 Royal Rumble Warrior lost his title to Sgt Slaughter thanks to interference from Savage so this led to the feud being settled at Wrestlemania 7. To add fuel to the fire the match was given the special stipulation that whoever lost would be forced to retire. So would The Ultimate Warrior's career be over or would 'Macho Man' Randy Savage's?

MATCH REVIEW : This was one of the most emotional matches that WWF had ever put on up to that point. The long drawn out saga between Randy Savage and his former valet, Miss Elizabeth, was eventually settled in a great way to end the match. The match itself was a great piece of storytelling with both men giving it their all in an attempt not lose their career. This is definitely the best match of Ultimate Warrior's career and it showcased to of the best entertainers of that (or any) era of the WWF. Obviously, Savage wouldn't stay retired for long and would be back in action in under a year whilst Warrior was gone from the company not long after this match after disagreements with Vince McMahon.