MATCH : Bret Hart v Roddy Piper


EVENT : Wrestlemania 8

VENUE : Hoosier Dome, Indianapolis, Indiana

DATE : 5th April 1992

CHAMPIONSHIP : WWF Intercontinental Title


BACKGROUND : Bret Hart had lost the Intercontinental Title to The Mountie at the beginning of 1992 in a match where he was attacked and not 100%. The Mountie would not hold the belt for very long though as he would lose it to Roddy Piper at the Royal Rumble. This would be the only time Piper would hold a belt in the WWF/E in his long career. So with Bret Hart back and fully fit this match gave him the chance to reclaim his belt. Face v Face matches were still pretty rare in the early 90s so who would the fans cheer for? And more importantly who would walk out as Intercontinental Champion?

MATCH REVIEW : The pace of this match is fantastic, starting off slowly but then building to the point where it became incredibly intense. As a fan watching for the first time I remember not knowing who was going to win this and loving the ending where Piper decides against cheating to win but ends up losing. Piper handing Hart the belt at the end also brought a tear to my eye even as a kid. One of my favourite Roddy Piper matches and I think '92 was a great career year for him as he performed well in matches against Ric Flair and a great performance in the Royal Rumble also.