MATCH : Bruno Sammartino v Stan Hansen


EVENT : Live MSG Event

VENUE : Madison Square Garden, New York

DATE : 7th August 1967


STIPULATION : Steel Cage Match

BACKGROUND : Bruno Sammartino was in the middle of his second reign as WWWF World Champion in 1976 having held the title since beating Stan Stasiak three years prior. Sammartino would face a relative newcomer in Stan Hansen in April of 1976 and after a botched powerslam, would end up with a legit fractured neck. Over the next few months, whilst Sammartino would be at home recovering, Hansen was boasting about breaking the champ's neck. After only a few months out, Sammartino would return and face Hansen all over the United States. This match was a famous cage match between the two, so would Sammartino get his revenge or would Stan Hansen's lariat re-injure the neck?

MATCH REVIEW : Bruno Sammartino was so over in New York and can still be described to this day as the king of Madison Square Gardens. 'The Living Legend' as he was described took a huge risk to come back so early from a very serious injury but in doing so made a few memorable match ups against Hansen. This would be a great pay off to a wonderful feud as the NY fans got right behind their man in this brutal cage match. Sammartino would wind his career down over the next few years whilst Hansen's best years were ahead of him. A good match from one of the best feuds from the 1970s.